Modern technology and findings have provided an array of options for women to enhance their physical appearance. Among the most frequently worked on areas, breasts have always been a favorite. They naturally increase self-confidence along with sexuality and this explains the reason why women typically seek methods to improve their appearance. In this case it is breast lift vs breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation is simply an implant that gives volume to your breast. Normally doctors advise their patients that the breasts should look the same as it did before it started sagging, hence the reason for surgery. In other words, a little volume is added to make them fuller if your breasts are looking scooped out from a pregnancy or weight loss. There is normally access skin although the breast shape might be fine. In such cases augmentation would be the way to go as that loose skin needs to be filled up. Maybe you just want a cup size bigger for a better and sexier look. This involves implants being placed under the muscle to give you comfort and a complete peace of mind.

Surgeons make use of a certain criteria which they use to establish whether a patient needs an implant or a lift. When the position of the nipple falls below the crease of a breast, or if you measure the distance from your throat to your nipple, it should be 18 – 22 centimeters. Anything more qualifies for a lift. If the nipple points downwards it is highly recommended that you get a breast lift. Just try putting a pencil under your breast, and if it stays there you know it is time to consider some work. It is a 3 hour procedure that is done under anesthesia. The doctor removes the access skin and places the breast tissue in its original position. The results will be much more natural than augmentation.