Recovery Time

Breast augmentation is a surgical process which targets on enlarging women’s breast to their desired sizes and shapes. Since the process involves surgery, it takes time to heal. This time is referred to as breast augmentation recovery time which is the time taken to completely heal the surgery wounds and eliminate the scars. A range of six to two months are the normal duration for healing though the scars might take some few months before fading away. However, there are various factors that will determine your breast augmentation recovery time. These include;

1. Age and medical condition. A younger body will have a shorter recovery period as compared to an older one. This is due to the fact that the younger body is more resilient and able to heal faster. In case you are experiencing any medical condition, it is important to discuss it with your doctor before undertaking the augmentation process. This is because some medical conditions or daily medication pills can affect your recovery period.

2. Type of implant. This will determine the location on which the implant will be placed. For instance, an implant placed under the muscle are more prone to swelling and bruising, which will definitely take a longer healing period as compared to the one placed over the muscle.

3. Work routine. If your work involves a lot of muscle strain, it might take longer to fully recover as this can cause regular muscle stress around the incisions.

For you to ensure that you have a shorter breast augmentation recovery time, it is important to ensure that you follow the doctor’s routine order. These are;

· Follow-up visits. Once the augmentation procedure has been conducted, your surgeon doctor will set appointments for the purpose of monitoring your recovery progress. It is normally important to ensure that you attend all the scheduled appointments so as the doctor can be assured of your satisfaction with the results and also get a chance to catch any after surgery problem(s) before they become serious.

· Resting. Along the recovery periods, mostly the first week, you must ensure that you take maximum rest. After the first week, you can take part in light duties until the doctor gives you a green light to take intensive physical activities. This might take up to duration of six weeks or so.

· Physical contact. You should avoid physical contact to reduce chances of an injury. It is important to ensure that that you do not rush the recovery process. That is, ensure that you move to each level with the doctors’ permission.

· Picking on the right surgeon doctor. A well trained and experienced doctor, will assure you quality results with less chances of any after surgery complication(s). This will make the recovery period minimal. For this reason, you should go for the right doctor who has set a good reputation. It is possible to tell the respective doctors’ reputation by ensuring that you talk with his or her former patients.

With these factors put into consideration, you will have a short and successful breast augmentation recovery time and with no health complications. This is why getting your breast enhancement in San Diego, is always your best option.