Breast implants removal is carried out when a person suffers with any complications due to the implants. This surgery is carried out on outpatient basis and usually requires an hour to complete.

There are numerous complications associated with breast implants. Structure deformity, implant rupture, breast sag, implant shift and skin wrinkling are the possible negative effects of breast implants. They can pose cosmetic issues and severe health problems too. Breast implants removal surgery is required to counter these complications. Any delay in getting the surgery can pose undesirable health effects.

There are some major issues which need breast implants removal surgery right away. Conditions like implant rupture can cause the implant material to seep through the surrounding tissues. Scar tissue formation is another potentially dangerous condition. It is important to react quickly to counter the health risks posed by these conditions.

Breast implants removal procedure

General anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation IV is given to the patient before the surgery. The implants removal procedure is carried out by making an incision under the breast or at the nipple. Large implants are removed by incisions at the muscle top and beneath the breast glands. Saline implants are inflated prior to the surgery for easy breast implants removal.


The patient can return to normal activities in few days. In few months, full recovery can take place. This simple surgery does not hamper the patients from doing any activities.

Possible Side effects

Swelling, bruising and slight discomfort is very common after the surgery. But scarring, bleeding, nipple sensation loss, etc are uncommon and they should be informed to the doctor in the follow up. Breast reduction is also observed implant removal. The size may be less compared to the breast size pre breast implant surgery. Hormonal change and weight loss are the possible causes. Breast sag can also be observed due to the skin sag after removing the implants.

This breast implants removal information can guide the patient in having this surgery.